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Infiltration was a branch of Imperial Intelligence's Bureau of Operations. After their initial training and indoctrination—which included the use of Mnemiotic drugs—Infiltration agents were assigned to serve with Intelligence, sector branches, or Sedition. Once their assignment was concluded, they were screened to determine the best infiltration placement for them. Double agents were active operatives, and were expected to take an active role in enemy operations. The goal for the agent was to provide Imperial Intelligence with information that would cause greater damage to its enemies than the damage caused by the agent against the Empire. Moles were agents inserted behind enemy lines who were expected to relay crucial information about enemy operations. The last placement was known as a "polwocz," named after a creature from the Spinward sector. Polwocz spawn would remain dormant underground for years until the larvae hatched and embarked on a devastating feeding frenzy that was reported to have destroyed entire cities. Polwocz agents were to be used in a similar manner, as one-shot instruments that would casue maximum damage at a crucial moment.[1]



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