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In 4 ABY during the Galactic Civil War, the Alliance to Restore the Republic attempted to infiltrate an Imperial planet. The Alliance Special Operations transport Pride of Aridus, under the guise of discharging a legitimate cargo, landed a twelve-men team of commandos, who—according to the insertion plan—were supposed to come back in exactly six hours. The team's cover, however, was blown, and the group was late by two minutes. The ship's commanding officer, Captain Nord was almost ready to leave without them when the commandos finally raced toward the ship under heavy fire from the Imperial forces.

As the Pride of Aridus fell under fire as well, Nord gave the order to take off, intent on leaving the SpecOps team behind. Not willing to abandon his fellow Rebels, the ship's second officer, Second Lieutenant Alfonso Luiz Obota punched Nord in the face and confined him in his cabin. Obota then seized control of the ship and waited for the commandos, three of whom were able to reach the ship and were successfully extracted thanks to Obota's actions. However, when the Pride of Aridus finally lifted off and reached the planet's atmosphere, it was attacked by several TIE Fighters. In the ensuing battle, five crew members were killed, and the ship suffered serious damage, barely escaping by making a jump to hyperspace.

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