"That thing's tapped into every system… made the entire ship an extension of itself! Probe droids were never meant to operate this independently!"
Luke Skywalker[src]

The Infiltrator probe droid was a probe droid produced in a collaboration between Arakyd Industries and Imperial technicians under Admiral Damon Krell following the Battle of Hoth.

The Infiltrator was a modification of Arakyd's Viper probe droid, this model boasted thicker armor plating, augmented weapon systems and the ability to plug into and control electronic systems. Admiral Krell sent an Infiltrator prototype, designated 13-K, to take command of a damaged Rebel blockade runner in deep space, attaching itself to the main power grid and taking over the ship's automated systems, his plan to wreak havoc amongst the Rebel fleet was thwarted however, by Luke Skywalker

The Infiltrator probot seemed to set a precedent for Arakyd probe droids—from then on, future probot designs grew larger and larger with each new release, culminating in the gargantuan Hunter-Killer probot.