An infinity wave approaches Coruscant

An Infinity Wave was a superweapon invented by the Kwa.


Through the 'power of the cosmos' harnessed by the Kwa Infinity Gates, it was possible to direct enormous waves of energy presumably anywhere in the Galaxy. Such a wave was able to suck an entire planet, along with surrounding satellites, into infinity, presumably killing all life and destroying all matter. As a side-effect, hyperspace navigation in the entire sector where the Wave hit became impossible.

In 31 BBY a Nightsister clan mother, Zalem, triggered an infinity wave from the Infinity Gate located in the Star Temple on Dathomir. She aimed the wave at Coruscant, intending to wipe out the Jedi Order and the Republic capital at the same time. Her plan was thwarted by Jedi Knight Quinlan Vos who had been appointed as the Temple Guardian. Vos reversed the wave and directed it back at its source, which destroyed the Infinity Gate in the resulting explosion.



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