Influenza necrosi was a bio-engineered, deadly form of the flu discovered by the Galactic Empire and intended for use as a biological weapon.


Discovered on the planet Gobindi, Influenza necrosi evolved in the planet's dense rainforests.

The stages of the virus were set apart from other infections in the galaxy, as the virus turned its host into a living carrier. The first stage of infection was very much like normal influenza, causing sore throat, runny nose, fever, and exhaustion. The second stage of infection started when the host started to wear out from the first stage, resulting in increased fatigue. The third stage was horrifying, causing a thick, slimy sweat to run from the victim's body, covering them in a gelatinous goop. At this stage, the virus took over the body's motor system, giving the newly created "blob monster" a very basic level of intelligence. The "blob monster" would attack with strands of this slime, which was a transmission medium for the virus.

The Shi'ido Borborygmus Gog used Imperial research for the virus in his project, Starscream.

The Gobindi left an anti-virus on a ziggurat, the discovery of which saved Zak and Tash Arranda.