The Inner Zuma Region was an area of the galaxy that was located above the galactic plane, and sat upon the area of the galaxy known as the Outer Zuma. It was located along the border between the Outer Rim Territories and the area of the Unknown Regions known as Wild Space. The Inner Zuma was made up of three galactic sectors: Moddell, Spar, and Ablajeck. Much of the Inner Zuma was uncharted until about 1,000 years before the Battle of Yavin. Several centuries before the Battle of Yavin, the Inner and Outer Zuma regions were considered part of the Unknown Regions, until explorers began scouting their locations and pushing the boundaries of known space ever outward. However, disruptions in the Hyperspacial Continuum in the area led to many lost expeditions and the formation of exceptionally dangerous travel routes.



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