Insect repellent

Sabine Wren using insect repellent to protect Garazeb Orrelios from fly insects

"Nazgorigan's patented bug repellent. Guaranteed to make the little critters buzz off. How many would you like?"
Nazgorigan, to Milo and Lina Graf[src]

Insect repellent was a substance that could be sprayed into the air or on one's body in order to deter or repel insects. Because of its numerous canals filled with stagnant water, the planet of Thune was permanently invaded by buzzing, flying insects.[1] Those who forwent the use of repellent spray would invariably end up being swarmed and bitten. Garazeb Orrelios once had that unpleasant experience during a mission to Thune City[2] in 3 BBY.[3]


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