The Insignia of Unity was a representation of the Galactic Roundel, forged in aurodium, orichalum, and Coruscanthium, that graced the Galactic Senate podium.


The Insignia of Unity was stolen from the podium during renovations by the head of the construction company hired to oversee the renovations, Sils Naffiff. That replica was itself immediately stolen by the Republic Group and hidden away. The fact that the Insignia had been stolen was discovered during another renovation after the Battle of Coruscant, but not followed up on as the Galactic Republic had become the Galactic Empire. The Insignia of Unity became a much-sought-after item for collectors; it was only after discovering the first counterfeit, hidden by the Republic Group, that Lord Lestra Oxic realized Naffiff had stolen the original Insignia.


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