This article is about an Easter egg.

This article covers a subject that was included as an Easter egg in a Star Wars Legends source and may not have been considered canon within the Legends continuity.

The Insta-kill pistol was a weapon used sometime during the Jedi Civil War. The pistol did exactly as its name implied: anyone found receiving the laser blast shot from it were promptly killed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The insta-kill pistol has the one-hit property Instant Death with a DC of 100. Towards the end of the game, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, enemies tend to have a counter roll against this of around 50 DC which means the effect is absolute.

This blaster can only be obtained via cheat code.

The cheat to get this is: giveitem g_w_blstrpstl020.

Another way to acquire it is with the KotoR Savegame Editor.


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