Aside from the Imperial Engineers Academy itself, the Institute of Starship Engineers, also known as the ISE, was one of the top engineering institutes in which to enroll. Anyone wanting to become a starship engineer was recommended to gain a certificate of qualification from the ISE, as this certification was required for any engineers wishing to serve in the Imperial Navy.

Full membership with the ISE allowed for more opportunities and career paths with self-made wages. Note that those in the ISE were not mechanics, working with specific systems and sub systems in particular, but as engineers they were far more concerned with the vessel itself, watching over those mechanics who were needed to operate a starship.

The ISE was located on Coruscant but had smaller facilities elsewhere in the Corellian system, Sullust, and Perithal VI. Once, there was also a campus on Alderaan until the planet met it's destruction. It cost 15 000 Imperial Credits to register with the ISE for one semester. Eventually students would learn to create their own designs of starships from nothing. Many previous students managed to sell their creations to galactic companies of starship manufacturers.

Courses taughtEdit

Courses taught at the Institute of Starship Engineers included:

  • Hyper Space Engine Repair for Space Transports
  • Hyper Space Engine Repair for Capital Ships
  • Astrogation
  • Computer Programming
  • Computer Repair
  • Capital Ship Gunnery Repair