Insurrection was one of the Order branches within the Pentastar Alignment. Insurrection was born as the result of an investigation conducted by the Chamber of Order into the reasons that star systems threw off Imperial control and joined the New Republic. The investigation concluded that the fragmented Empire was too concerned with countering the New Republic militarily and tightening it grip on its holdings. This allowed the New Republic to convince Imperial planets to secede with promises of an improved standard of living and more freedoms. Insurrection was created to counter the New Republic politically and subtly.

Insurrection agents employed deception and misinformation to prevent systems from joining the New Republic. Tactics utilized by Insurrection included surveillance droids spreading rumors of defeat and bogus New Republic agents confessing their traitorous ways to governmental figures. They were also active on worlds that the New Republic had turned, spreading rumors of alien intolerance and corrupting planetary governments. On a larger scale, Insurrection was working to undermine the Mon Calamari's standing within the New Republic.


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