"The Intercessor is the pride of the Republic fleet. The capital ship defended Bothawui and survived the Battle of Hoth; now we will destroy it."
―Imperial Fleet mission briefing[src]

The Intercessor was a Valor-class cruiser in the service of the Republic Navy that participated in multiple battles during the Great Galactic War against the Sith Empire. The Intercessor was part of the Republic fleet that defended Bothawui during the First Battle of Bothawui in 3671 BBY, and it was one of the few ships that escaped the Battle of Hoth intact six years later. However, the Intercessor was damaged by an Imperial ambush above Vondoru over two decades later when the Galactic War broke out in 3642 BBY, and the elite Empire's Fury squadron destroyed the Valor-class cruiser and its reinforcements not long afterwards.


A hump-backed Valor-class cruiser,[1] the Intercessor was over 500 meters in length.[2] With three primary and four secondary engines on a tower protruding from the lower hull and a command tower situated atop the upper hull. The Intercessor possessed several hangars along its sides,[1] where it originally stored a complement of 110 starfighters—including Liberator-class starfighters—25 shuttles, and 40 bombers.[3]


The Intercessor was built sometime before the year 3671 BBY.[5] That year, the Intercessor served in the First Battle of Bothawui during the Great Galactic War with the Sith Empire.[1] Six years after[6] the Republic victory at Bothawui, the Intercessor was part[1] of a Republic Navy detachment assigned to guard a fleet of prototype warships that were preparing for an attack on the Empire's capital of Dromund Kaas.[6] When the fleet was ambushed by the Imperial Navy, the Intercessor survived the days-long battle and was one of the few ships to escape the final stages of the battle over the planet Hoth.[1]

The ship remained in service of the Navy for the next two decades through the rest of the Great Galactic War and the subsequent Cold War,[1] until the Galactic War broke out in 3642 BBY.[2] That year, the ship was ambushed by the Imperial Navy above the planet Vondoru, and three Terminus-class destroyers engaged the Intercessor and its escort of three Thranta-class corvettes. The damaged Intercessor was set upon by the elite Empire's Fury squadron and then destroyed.[1]

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The Intercessor first appeared in "Clouds of Vondoru", a level 44 fourth-tier space combat mission for the Imperial faction in BioWare's 2011 video game Star Wars: The Old Republic. The mission's introduction indicates it served in both the Battle of Bothawui and the Battle of Hoth,[1] though this must refer to the first battle at Bothawui because the second was a ground battle.[6] The mission can be undertaken by any class, so this article assumes only that it was one of the four Imperial classes.[1]


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