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The Internal Counterintelligence Branch, known as IntCon, was a branch within Imperial Intelligence's Internal Organization Bureau. IntCon was responsible for locating enemy agents and spy rings that had infiltrated Imperial Intelligence, be they members of the Alliance to Restore the Republic or other enemies of the New Order. With unrestricted access to data they needed through the Sector Plexus, IntCon personnel were able to obtain information more easily that even a member of the Ubiqtorate. IntCon was a miniature version of Imperial Intelligence in structure, with its own Analysis, Intelligence, and Operations sections. Unlike the larger Imperial Intelligence, the divisions between the sections was loosely enforced, and IntCon was known for its informal structure and environment. Attempting to access IntCon's information for outside was almost impossible due to heavy security. Inside IntCon, there were no barriers preventing information sharing. The openness was IntCon's way of policing itself. With no privacy, any member was able to access any piece of information within the branch, which ensure that it was almost impossible for an enemy agent to operate within IntCon.[1]


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