Introsphere was a mining company that was based in the Gorse system during the last years of the Galactic Republic. It was involved in surface mining operations on the planet Gorse. Introsphere went bankrupt after Minerax Consulting issued a critical report that claimed that Gorse had exhausted all its thorilide reserves. Unknown to most people, the Imperial mining consultant Denetrius Vidian had purchased a secret stake in Minerax. He had issued the critical report because Introsphere was one of the mining companies that had failed his safety inspection when he had once been the mining inspector named Lemuel Tharsa. Tharsa had suffered a painful disease called Shilmer's syndrome before rebuilding himself as the cyborg known as Count Vidian.[1]

As a result of Vidian's action, all mining operations in the Gorse system were shifted to Gorse's thorilide-rich moon Cynda, which hitherto had been a tourist destination. One of Introsphere's offshoots was Moonglow Polychemical, whose founder Lal Grallik had been a veteran of Introsphere for twenty years.[1]


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