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Intruder was a Marauder-class corvette.

Shortly before the Battle of Endor, this ship led a mercenary force to disrupt a meeting between the Rebel cruiser Liberty and members of the Bothan Spynet.

Along with a number of IRDs, GAT-12 Skipray Blastboats, and Preybirds of Soro-Suul squadron, Intruder attacked the Bothan Dreadnaught Tal'cara and Lambda-class shuttle Jade. A-wings from Liberty's Gold Group helped fend them off.

Intruder was destroyed, but not before ejecting an escape pod which was captured by Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Compassion. Pod EE-763 carried a survivor who claimed the strike force was hired by the Sullustans, but this was actually part of an Imperial plot to sow discord among Alliance members.



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