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This article is about the act of invading. You may be looking for the comic Star Wars: Invasion.
"What? The invasion alarms!"
Sonam-Ha'ar, during the Great Hyperspace War invasion of Coruscant[src]

Ima-Gun Di stands alone against the Separatist invasion of Ryloth

Invasion was the third stage in a planetary assault operation. Naval strategist Michael Unther argued that, while this stage which covered the ground battle for control of the planet was not the responsibility of the commander of the invasion fleet, it was a good idea to have some insight into this phase after all.

There were certain situations where the fleet could be called for to perform certain tasks such as taking out planetary shield generators, bombarding the planet into submission. Here, it was important to know which targets to destroy, like military targets, and which targets to avoid, like hospitals. The fleet could also be asked to clear landing zones; the density and nature of the bombardment depended on the units to be landed.

Alternatively, the coordinated entry of an opponent's territory to attack their worlds could be called an invasion, as in what happened during the Mandalorian Wars and the Yuuzhan Vong wars.[1]


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