Invasion 0: Refugees, Prologue collects Part 1 and Part 2 of the online previews for Invasion, along with additional material.

Publisher's summaryEdit

A Yuuzhan Vong armada has entered that galaxy far, far away, and the target is the defenseless planet Artorias. The planet's only hope lies with the crew of a tiny ship in the armada's path...

In print for the first time, this comic collects the introductory chapters for Invasion, which appeared exclusively at But this is not simply a collection of the online material! The creative team from the series has woven into the story an additional six pages of all-new action! Also, this cover art marks the return of Dave Dorman to Star Wars comics!


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Behind the scenesEdit

The Aurebesh letters "Usk" (U) and "Dorn" (D) are emblazoned on the side of the of the starship Pythea.

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