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"We're under attack by the Separatist garrison. Looks to be a full invasion."
―Commander Thorn[src]

The invasion of Scipio was a conflict that took place on the planet Scipio between the Galactic Republic and the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Having helped uncover corruption in the InterGalactic Banking Clan, Rush Clovis was appointed as the new head of the bank, only to be coerced by Count Dooku into raising interest rates for the Republic, at which point Separatist forces occupied Scipio to cement their position. The Republic responded with an invasion, allowing Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine to strengthen the Republic economically.


Following the appointment of Senator Rush Clovis as head of the Banking Clan,[1], the Confederacy and the Republic met on Scipio to preside over Clovis's installation as the the new head of the Banking Clan. The Republic representative, Padmé Amidala was accompanied by Commander Thorn's detachment of the Coruscant Guard whilst Confederate representative, Bec Lawise, was accompanied by several commando droids.[3]

The battleEdit

"You may begin your attack. It is time to make Rush Clovis look like a powerful Separatist."
―Count Dooku to Kraken.[src]

Clovis was then blackmailed by Count Dooku to raise the interest rates on the Republic and not the Separatists. This allowed the Confederacy to take full control of the Banks. Commander Thorn and his detachment then came under attack by Confederate forces. Thorn informed Amidala of this before he was killed and she informed Supreme Chancellor Palpatine and the Jedi. Dooku then arrived and had Amidala taken hostage.[3]

When Amidala refused to join Dooku, Dooku ordered her to be arrested. Amidala then grabbed a blaster and Lawise refused to arrest her, knowing the Separatist Senate would not authorize her arrest. Dooku then forced Amidala to shoot Lawise.[3]

The Galactic Senate then voted to launch a counter-invasion. Dooku then left when the Republic fleet under Jedi General Anakin Skywalker arrived. There, the Confederate forces left behind suffered heavy losses in space. The 501st Legion then went planet-side to fight the Confederate ground forces. After finishing off the last of the Confederate forces, Scipio was secured. General Skywalker then stormed into Clovis' office to rescue Amidala. A blast then hit the office and Clovis and Amidala were then thrown off the side of the ledge. Skywalker grabbed both Amidala and Clovis. However, Skywalker was unable to hold onto both of them leading Clovis to let go of Skywalker, falling to his death. Skywalker was able to pull Amidala up.[3]


Following the battle, the Muuns ceded control of the banks to the Office of the Chancellor.[3]

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