The Invasion of Voss, also known as the Defense of Voss, was a major battle in the Revolt against the Eternal Empire, in which the forces of the Alliance came to the defense of the planet Voss when Empress Vaylin ordered for the Eternal Fleet to assault the neutral world. The intervention of the Sith Empire, under the command of Empress Acina, led to the Empire joining the Alliance against Zakuul.[2]


The Hunt for ArcannEdit

In the aftermath of the Battle of Odessen, Senya Tirall rescued her critically wounded son, Arcann, from the wreckage of his flagship, managing to flee the system.[3] Over the following months, both the Alliance and Eternal Empire - now under the rule of Vaylin - searched the galaxy for the fallen Emperor and his mother.

Ord Mantell MassacreEdit

"I wish I'd buried you with the last of your loyal knights on Ord Mantell."
While searching for a way to heal her son, Senya was contacted by the Scions of Zakuul - a group of prophetic guardians of the Eternal Empire that Arcann had hunted to near extinction - who directed Senya towards a group of Zakuul Knights who were yet to swear allegiance to Vaylin and were willing to help Senya heal the former Emperor. However, Vaylin found out about these Knights and massacred them on Ord Mantell and waited for her mother. When Senya arrived, Vaylin attacked her and the two duelled, the fight only ending after Vaylin pierced the hyperdrive of a damaged starship with a lightsaber pike, enabling Senya to escape with Arcann.[4] Though she intended to kill her mother, Vaylin took this opportunity to track Senya back to Arcann, eventually locating them on Voss.[2]


The Invasion BeginsEdit

A day before the battle began, Theron Shan and Sana-Rae arrived on Voss to meet with an informant who claimed to know of Arcann's whereabouts. However, their rendezvous was interrupted by a surprise attack from the Eternal Empire, inciting worldwide panic as Zakuul's forces took control of the neutral world.[5] Shan alerted the Alliance of the attack and the Commander scrambled the fleet to respond to the assault as Shan and Sana-Rae took shelter in the Tower of Prophecy with a number of Voss survivors.

Retaking Voss-KaEdit

Vaylin's forces landed on the planet and massacred anyone they encountered as they searched the planet for Arcann and Senya. At the same time, the Alliance fleet arrived in orbit and - despite being outnumbered - successfully engaged the Eternal Fleet. The Commander led a strike team - consisting of Lana Beniko and a number of Mandalorians including Torian Cadera - and used a stolen Zakuulan shuttle to break through the blockade established by the Eternal Fleet. Landing in Voss-Ka, the Commander led the ground assault in an attempt to retake the capital.[2]

Making their way through the capital, the Alliance did its best to save everyone it could, but the bombardment of the Eternal Fleet ensured that the Voss suffered heavy losses, with the northern plateau of Voss-Ka being completely destroyed by the Fleet. While Cadera led the Mandalorians to aid the Voss, Beniko and the Commander reached the Tower of Prophecy, where they successfully repelled a small force of Skytroopers, Zakuul Knights, and Horizon Guard - Vaylin's executioner squad - with help from Shan and several Voss commandos.[2]

Race to the Shrine of HealingEdit

A Cry for HelpEdit

"I need your help, Outlander. Arcann needs your help!"
―Senya begs for help[src]
Senya had travelled to Voss with Arcann to have his mind healed by the Voss Mystics in the Shrine of Healing, but Vaylin's attack began while Arcann was in the process of being healed. Unable to hold off Vaylin's forces for much longer, Senya reached out to the Outlander, asking for their help. After some discussion, the Alliance Commander decided that it would be better if they reached Arcann and Senya before Vaylin, regardless of whether or not they sought to kill the fallen Emperor. As such, the Outlander made their way to the Shrine of Healing with Shan.[2]

Arcann's EscapeEdit

Unable to get any closer to the Shrine via shuttle, Shan and the Commander landed in the Old Paths and approached the Shrine inside a Mandalorian walker called Storm Rider, as Koth Vortena engaged the Eternal Fleet overhead with the Gravestone. Carving a path of destruction through an army of Skytroopers and battle droids, the Commander engaged a Zakuulan walker outside the Shrine before proceeding inside to find Senya.[2]

The commander confronted Senya inside the Shrine, with a ray shield separating the two, and Senya bargained for her son's life, promising that once his mind was cured of his hate, he would surely join the Alliance's cause. Inside the Outlander's head, Valkorion attempted to convince his vessel that Arcann was irredeemable, and would try to kill them as soon as he was healed. As the Fleet turned its attention to bombarding the Shrine, Senya retreated to tend to her son, and the Outlander was left to fight off Vaylin's forces. After traveling deeper into the Shrine, the Commander watched as Arcann fled the planet in a daze. Koth attempted to stop him with the Gravestone but the extensive damage the ship had taken stopped him from doing so. Just as Vaylin ordered the Fleet to kill everyone on the planet, the Imperial Fleet - under the command of Empress Acina - arrived above the planet and opened fire on the Eternal Fleet, prompting the GEMINI Droids commanding it to flee in fear, bringing an end to the battle.[2]


Once her Fleet had driven the Eternal Fleet from Voss, Empress Acina contacted the Alliance Commander, offering to ally her Empire with the Alliance to defeat Vaylin. The Commander agreed to meet with Acina on Dromund Kaas while Lana Beniko and Theron Shan would investigate the Empire more closely.

Furious that the GEMINI droids retreated, Vaylin threatened to dismantle them for disobeying her orders. SCORPIO responded by stating that Vaylin hadn't been looking at the big picture when it came to the Alliance and that they needed to return their focus to destroying the Outlander. As such, Vaylin and SCORPIO waited for the ideal moment to strike back at the Alliance.

While the Alliance and Sith Empire succeeded in driving the forces of Zakuul from Voss, the planet they sought to defend had taken heavy losses, with much of the planet devastated and thousands of Voss and Gormak killed.


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