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Corran Horn: "Is that the Rainbow?"
Keevy Spart: "Nope, looks like a Mark II Imperial Star Destroyer."
Corran Horn and Keevy Spart[src]

The Invidious was an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer. At the time of Emperor Palpatine's death at the Battle of Endor, it was part of a task force commanded by High Admiral Treuten Teradoc, and served as part of his fleet when he became a self-proclaimed warlord.

At some point before 9 ABY, the Invidious was captured by ex-Moff Leonia Tavira and became the headquarters of her pirate group, the Invids (which drew their name from the ship).

In 11 ABY, Corran Horn used a powerful mind trick to frighten Tavira into believing that a large New Republic fleet, including the Executor-class Star Dreadnought Lusankya and the Sun Crusher, was arriving in the vicinity, and she fled.



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