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The Invincible was a Republic light assault cruiser, the command ship of Ranulph Tarkin and the flagship of his fleet.[1] Besides Tarkin, its crew included Antidar Williams[3] and Jace Dallin.[2]



The Invincible breaks up over Troiken.

The Invincible, along with several other Consular-class space cruisers, underwent an extensive refit for several months in a major shipyard in order to become light assault cruisers.[1]

During the Stark Hyperspace War, the Invincible was part of the third of the fleet that survived the navcomputer virus of the Stark Commercial Combine and arrived at Troiken. There, with the rest of Tarkin's ships, it was destroyed in the First Battle of Qotile.[2]

The ship was filled up with troops, and Tarkin decided to use a small escape pod during its evacuation, since the Stark Combine fleet would more likely target the larger ones used by his soldiers.[2]



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