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Io Desnand was a Human male Imperial Governor of the Aida and Lomabu systems.


In a bid to gain favor with Imperial leaders and get a promotion for himself, Desnand planned to use the Wookiee penal colony on Lomabu III as bait in a trap to destroy the Rebel fleet, which would sooner or later have to embark on a rescue mission for the imprisoned Wookiees.

Desnand's plans were interrupted, however, when Tinian I'att and Chenlambec lured Bossk to Lomabu III by claiming the Millennium Falcon had gone there to free the Wookiees after the Battle of Hoth. They were able to free the Wookiees and turn Bossk over to Desnand, claiming he had instigated the attack on the prison. Believing Bossk had ruined his chances for promotion, Desnand had him thrown into prison with plans to give his wife Feebee a lizard-skin gown; however, Bossk escaped before the skinning was to take place.