Iol Station was a space station located on the edge of the Iol system in the Unknown Regions. The station was owned and operated by the company Tangan Industries, and it was used primarily as a customs port, to inspect all starships en-route to the planet Iol. At some point during galactic history, a merchant landed on Iol Station while carrying a vindinax—a species of dangerous humanoid creature—which he planned to sell to a zoo on another Unknown Regions world. However, the merchant did not have the paperwork required to be able to ship the creature and as a consequence, the customs officers confiscated the creature and fined the merchant for bringing a potential threat to the station. The vindinax's shipping container was placed in one of the station's cargo bays, from where it escaped and proceeded to kill everyone aboard the station. Several days later, a group of spacers landed on Iol Station and encountered the vindinax in one of the station's storage rooms.


Iol station was fitted with an automated tractor beam, which activated when a vessel approached the station, and helped to guide the ship into a docking bay. Inside, the space station had four major cargo bays that were used to store the station's supplies and any cargo that had been confiscated by the port authorities. Iol Station also had over 100 rooms to accommodate the station's visitors and crew, as well as an infirmary, an engineering section and a repair bay. A command center was located at the top of the space station's superstructure.