"Get it done, or I'll do it for you — my way."
―Iola Linst[src]

Iola Linst was a female Human who was Chief Executive Officer of Damarind Fishing Station in the Yavin system.


Iola Linst was a female Human. Her father was a jewel merchant from an Imperial[1] Core World[2] who was also one of the founding fathers of Damarind Corporation.[1] She attended the best educational institutions, and excelled at the middle-management positions that her father secured for her in the jewellery trade. However, Linst fell in love with a man her father disapproved of, and declared her intention to marry him. Around 3 BBY, her father subsequently transferred her to be the Chief Executive Officer of the Damarind Fishing Station in the Yavin system.[2]

Although upset at the posting, Linst was determined not to show it. She was sure that he father had spies at the station watching her.[2] Aware of nepotism involved in her position,[1] she knew that many of the employees on the station resented her position and believed that her posting was based on connections rather than ability. She was in her mid-thirties by 0 ABY.[2]

Personality and traitsEdit

Iola Linst was of medium height, standing 1.62 meters tall with light skin and brown hair[1] which she styled in a Core Worlds fashion. She was moderately attractive,[2] but had a severe-looking face[1] set in a near-constant frown with worry lines around her eyes and mouth. Bright and talented, Linst had a flair for business. After her posting to Damarind Fishing Station,[2] she tried to prove her ability in role as CEO of Damarind Fishing Station,[1] and determined to do the job to the best of her ability. Her removal from the Core led to her being very lonely, which Linst masked with ruthless efficiency[2] leading her to be the most efficient executive within Damarind.[1] When faced with delays and excuses, she was impatient.[2]

Skills and abilitiesEdit

Iola Linst was knowledgeable about bureaucratic procedure and business practices, especially pertaining to the jewellery business. She was skilled in other languages, and could bargain and con as needed during negotiations. Linst had a commanding and intimidating presence, was a gambler, and could bypass security systems.[2]


Linst wore a Damarind Company uniform, and carried a datapad, chronometer, and pocket computer. She armed herself with a hold-out blaster.[2]


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