"The Empire's taken control of the Ion Wall, Corellia most powerful defense system."
Councilor Belos[src]
Ion Wall Crackle

The Ion Wall activates

The Ion Wall was a defense system protecting the Legislature Building in the Capitol Square of the Coronet City on Corellia. Consisting of emitters hidden inside the statues on the Capitol Square, the Ion Wall could fire a powerful signal to deactivate all electronics in its target area. During the Battle of Corellia in 3641 BBY the Sith Empire took control over the Ion Wall, Darth Acharon of the Dark Council personally guarded the activation mechanism in the Intra-Corellian Intelligence building. Republic's ally Councilor Belos alerted Cole Cantarus to the location of the Ion Wall's emitters and with that information, the Republic was able to realign the emitters to target the Legislature building itself, and a strike team infiltrated the Intra-Corellian Intelligence building to reach the Ion Wall's controls. In the process, the strike team encountered and defeated Darth Acharon. The successful activation of the Ion Wall stripped away a significant amount of the Imperial defenses around the Legislature, allowing General Aves' forces to enter the Legislature itself.