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The ion pulse cannon was a massive ion cannon model fitted onto the Subjugator-class heavy cruiser Malevolence.


"A weapon that neutralizes all power to our ships, rendering the targets defenseless."
―Plo Koon[src]

Rather than targeting a specific enemy vessel, the ion pulse cannon fired a massive ion burst that expanded outward from the cannon, disabling everything in its path. Plasma rotors formed a vital part of the weapon, as they were charged prior to each burst of ionized particles.[1] After each shot, the technicians had to allot some time to clean up residual ionized particles in the cannon before firing again.[3]


"We tracked the mystery weapon to this system. That is when we found out it was an ion cannon"
―Plo Koon[src]
Malevolence firing ion pulse

The Malevolence's ion sphere generated by the pulse cannon.

The Separatist flagship Malevolence gained infamy at the start of the Clone Wars, when it used its ion pulse cannons to destroy entire Republic task forces. The Subjugator-class was the only warship-design known to use the ion cannon model in its superstructure, as its power-requirements were highly unique.[3]



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