Jango Fett's armor featured the Iron Heart

The Iron Heart (in Mando'a: Kar'ta Beskar), also known as the Mandalorian Diamond, was an ancient symbol used by the Mandalorians since the Mandalorian Excision in 738 BBY. It was notably featured on the chest part of the Mandalorian Shock Trooper Armor. During the Clone Wars, the Iron Heart was used by both the "traditional" Mandalorian warriors, and the pacifist "New Mandalorians." That symbol was used throughout the architecture of New Mandalorian society, police equipment and even civilian attire.[1]

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In The Bounty Hunter Code: From the Files of Boba Fett, the canonical Mando'a name of the Iron Heart was given as Kar'ta Beskar. However, the rules of that language established by Karen Traviss state the adjectives come before the noun they modify—as seen in cin vhetin, in which cin is "white."[2] Furthermore, the word beskar is a noun, and would require the addition of a suffix, either -la or -yc, to be used as an adjective.[3] According to those rules, the most proper Mando'a form to convey the meaning of "Iron Heart" would be Beskaryc Kar'ta.[2][3]



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