The Isard family was a wealthy and influential family of Humans, some members of which played prominent roles in the Galactic Republic and the Galactic Empire. One of them, Armand Isard, served as Director of Republic Intelligence[3] and remained in post as Director of Imperial Intelligence when the Republic was reorganized into the Empire.[1] When he was sentenced to death in 0 BBY,[4] Isard was initially replaced by Lord Cronal,[5] but his daughter Ysanne Isard ended up occupying the post.[1] Armand Isard also had a brother who served in the Republic Navy until he was killed during the Stark Hyperspace War[2] in 44 BBY.[6]

Family treeEdit

        Unknown Isard--+--Unknown spouse
               |                                  |
         Armand Isard--+--Unknown spouse  Armand Isard's brother
                  Ysanne Isard


Notes and referencesEdit

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