Ishel was a Mon Calamari navigator who served aboard the mercenary leader Brigadier Jarrow Rusher's flagship Diligence in 1032 BBY during the Republic Dark Age. Following the Battle of Gazzari, the Diligence left Gazzari with 1,700 student passengers and the Jedi Knight Kerra Holt. During the journey to Byllura, Rusher asked Ishel if he was able to get to the Galactic Republic. However, the Mon Calamari was unable to find any reliable hyperspace routes to Republic Space due to the deactivation of the hyperspace relays and the Diligence was forced to travel to Byllura. There, Kerra and Rusher played a pivotal role in overthrowing the Dyarchy, a local Sith regime. He then presumably went on to participate in the Battle of Byllura and the Siege of Calimondretta.