Iskadrell was a planet in the Iskallon system of the Wild Space. It was the homeworld of the Iskalloni, a species of humanoid cyborgs.[2] It was raided by Mandalorian Crusaders shortly prior to the Great Sith War.[3]

Iskadrell was isolated from the rest of the galaxy, with only one known hyperspace route leading to its system. This route led to the Brevost system on the Harrin Trade Corridor, and took thirteen days to travel. However, the Iskalloni did have hyperdrive-equipped starships, and made occasional slave-raiding expeditions into the "civilized" galaxy.[2]

When scouts and emissaries from the Galactic Empire first encountered the Iskalloni, they attempted to form a slave-trading alliance. However, rather than supply slaves to the Empire, the Iskalloni decided to enslave the Imperial emissaries instead. The Imperial Navy sent three Victory-class Star Destroyers for a retaliatory raid. Though the Imperials devastated much of the planet before the Iskallon counterattack, the Imperial forces were forced to retreat.[2]

Since they were not pursued, the Empire no longer saw the Iskalloni as a major threat. Indeed, the Iskalloni kept a low profile for some time, only picking up activities after the Battle of Endor and the formation of the New Republic.[2]



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