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It's a Gambler's Life is an RPG article by Anthony P. Russo. It was published in Star Wars Adventure Journal 4. It was later archived on Hyperspace.

Plot summaryEdit

On Entralla, smuggler/gambler Reina Gale and her Gigoran partner, Rollos, are set up by Begas Tok. When they deliver their cargo of hexa-crystals (which they don‘t have a permit for) to Tok (who has a permit to deal in them), Tok has Pentastar Patrol agents ready to arrest them. When Rollos manages to cause a distraction and let them escape, they run through the streets until they encounter the Red Moons, led by Andrephan Stormcaller. Stormcaller tells them they‘ll help Reina and Rollos escape, and in return, Reina and Rollos will get a copy of the plans to the security layout of the Lunar Night festivities a week later. They seem intent on killing someone during the Parade of Ghosts, but, much to Reina‘s surprise, that‘s not what the Red Moons have in mind in their war on the Pentastar Alignment. Reina agrees to get the plans for them, for a total cost of 10,000 credits.


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