"Never pass up an opportunity to trade with an Ithorian. You'll get high-quality goods, and unless you really let him gouge you, you'll get a fair price. There's always a market for Ithorian produce, too."
―The Spacer's Handbook (Bootleg Edition).[src]

The Ithorian Trade Guilds were commerce organizations that were noted for their influence within the Outer Rim Territories. These were run by the Ithorian race and tended to be convenient for clients to encounter instead of finding a Herd-ship. A guild was typically owned by a specific Herd-ship and operated from complexes often appearing as green oases within cities where all other forms of vegetation had been removed.

As Ithorians tended to be the producers of their product meant that they were able to sell their goods at a low price yet still maintain a good profit. Whatever profit they gain was later re-invested back into their business which was why the Trade Guild was efficient in its operations and profit margin despite selling at low prices. The income the Ithorians generate from these guilds was used to expand their planting operations that were considered part of their religious obligations.