Ithorian brandy was only "Ithorian" in that it was made by an Ithorian. It was made by Vanster Enan and sold in his cantina on Cularin as the house special. He made it from the fermented sap of trees found in Cularin's jungles. It was fairly tasty, and had a mild pine aftertaste. Vanster Enan sold it in large snifters for 2 credits, cheaper than any imported drink, and was willing to sell a cask of the brandy for 20 credits.[1]

A score of such casks found their way off planet and onto the Darkside asteroid base within the Cularin system asteroid belt.[2]

In 31 BBY, Jedi Knight Alec enjoyed a couple of cups of Ithorian brandy, and then his dancing movements suddenly went sore.[3]


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