Ivpikkis was a male Ssi-ruu Admiral of the Ssi-ruuk fleet that attacked Bakura during the Bakura Incident. A red-scaled Ssi-ruu, Ivpikkis was a part of the military caste.


Unlike many of the other members of the expeditionary force, he had had prior military experience, being a lifetime soldier. It was Ivpikkis who, after capturing and interrogating prisoners, developed the idea of using the Galactic Empire to expand the reach of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium.

It was believed by New Republic Intelligence that Ivpikkis survived the Bakura Incident, and may have commanded Ssi-ruuvi forces at the Assault on Lwhekk.

Personality and traitsEdit

Ivpikkis was apparently a quiet, brooding Ssi-ruu - a creature of few words. He rarely spoke except to give out orders.

He also was not eager to take part in the expansionist policies of the Shreeftut. But as an obedient soldier, he obeyed orders. The single-minded, duty-bound behaviour is typical of the Ssi-ruuvi military caste.

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