Izable was one of the five fortified outposts built by the Freedom's Sons around the Intergalactic Communications Center during the Battle of Praesitlyn, and was the closest of these to the enemy lines, being placed six hundred meters ahead of redoubts Eliey and Kaudine. Spotters stationed at this fort were charged with giving advanced warning of any changes in the disposition of the Separatist forces. During the battle, it was attacked by Pors Tonith's invading droid army seven times, taken three times, and retaken after the first two attempts. Its armaments, including several E-web heavy repeating blaster emplacements, covered a three-hundred-sixty-degree area of fire.

Izable was commanded by Lieutenant D'Nore. Erk H'Arman and Odie Subu also fought at this redoubt.



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