Izak was a male Human agent of the Republic Strategic Information Service living during the Galactic War. He was hunting a rogue criminal Coral - a former subject of the Project 32, who was hunting down and killing everyone involved in the Project. He and two other Project 32 subjects were about to corner Coral on Dromund Kaas, but Izak was late and Coral tricked their long-lost relative Mako go to into meeting instead of her, which resulted in the death of both girls, leaving Coral and Mako the only survivors of the Project. Mako eventually contacted Izak directly, who notified her that SIS had tracked Coral to the Gudnem's Gadget Emporium on Nar Shaddaa, and warned not to interwene. Mako and her companion went regardless and confronted Coral, who called Mako a "cheap copy". Izak and his men arrived shortly after and took Coral into custody. Izak promised Mako to contact her later and explain everything, but never did.[1]

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Izak appears in Star Wars: The Old Republic during Mako companion storyline.


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