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Izhsmash was a data thief who was incarcerated in the Cog Hive Seven space station prison. Izhsmash was the second-in command to the Noghri Strabo, leader of the prison gang Gravity Massive. When Darth Maul, using the name Jagannath, was sent by his master, Darth Sidious, to the prison to acquire a weapon from Iram Radique, Maul had him hack into the Cog Hive Seven database looking for info on every inmate, which included their criminal histories. Maul later had Izhmash hack into an algorithm to arrange a fight between Maul and the Aqualish convict Rook. Izhsmash was killed, and his body was shown to Maul by the Twi'lek inmate Zero, actually Dakarai Blirr undercover. As a message to whoever found the body, Izhsmash's eye sockets and mouth had been stuffed with twisted wire and pieces of broken circuit board.

Behind the scenesEdit

Izhsmash is abbreviation of Izhevsk Machinebuilding Plant in Russian.


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