J'Kek D'rith Kalama was the head of the Gorothite government.


Around 4000 BBY, Rel'Kan J'Kek used Goroth Prime's position to sell concessions to the warring factions, the Barralenal and th Corellian colonist group, but he never favored one side. These concessions reached from mining rights for the system's gas giants to surface leaves for soldiers. J'Kek's popularity skyrocketed for these policies and he was elected for a fifth term—unprecedented in Gorothite history. A notion to make him "President-for-Life" was voted down by a narrow margin. Philosophers let by J'Kek M'hory Trinia argued that the president's actions were too risky and demanded he withdraw all concessions, but their calls fell on deaf ears.

During the whole conflict Goroth managed to remain neutral and unaffected by the war, although several smaller brawls and fights broke out between soldiers on leave. It was at this time that the government created the D'Jar'Min, Goroth's planetary defense force. However, Rel'Kan J'Kek and his government got too greedy and buying concessions from the Gorothites became too costly for both sides.