"Brothers of the GenoHaradan: attack!"

J'ane Khan was one of the most experienced and brutal GenoHaradan assassins under the service of Hulas, one of the Overseers of the GenoHaradan organization. Khan wielded dual vibroblades, one of which was a GenoHaradan poison blade and wore heavy durasteel armor.

Behind the scenesEdit

Non-canon dark side storyEdit

After Revan met Hulas on Manaan in 3956 BBY and accepted his proposal to kill the other GenoHaradan leaders, he was soon betrayed by Hulas himself. J'ane Khan, along with other GenoHaradan hunters and assassins fought Revan in the Dune Sea on Tatooine and were killed by him.

J'ane Khan is the only named henchman accompanying Hulas in his confrontation with Revan as well as the only known Human member of the Genoharadan.


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