The J'feh were a cephalopoid[2] species characterized by their red skin and numerous tentacles. Members of the species usually lived within large, hovering globes.[1]

Skijid Vrescot was a J'feh crime lord and the Count of Cheelit who operated on The Wheel during the last decades of the Galactic Republic. The rubbery-skinned J'feh crossed the Glottalphib piratess Kliskud, who ate Vrescot, finding the alien tasty if tough to chew.[2] The octopus-like[3] J'feh Lady Dhol[2] occupied the Hive Palace on Cheelit, and there attempted to entrap Darth Vader in a game of Firepath during the Galactic Civil War, but was incinerated in the game.[1]



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