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"Cade! You and Shado get those younglings on the shuttle now and get off planet!"
Wolf Sazen to Cade Skywalker[src]

The J-1 shuttle, commonly known as the "Jedi shuttle" for its use by the New Jedi Order, was a personnel and light starship transport vessel in use around 130 ABY.


J-1 shuttle X-83 escort

A J-1 shuttle escorted by two X-83 TwinTail starfighters.

The shuttle had elongated two-person cockpit with multi-level canopy. Its main body held two decks: the upper one contained passenger rooms, while the lower one served as a cargo hold or a hangar. But since the hangar doors were located in the shuttle underbelly, a starfighter could only dock or depart when the shuttle was in flight.[1]

The J-1 shuttles were equipped with deflector shields and hyperdrives. The ship's sublight engines were mounted within its wings. Conceived primarily as transports for Jedi students, most shuttles were originally unarmed. Nevertheless, during the Sith–Imperial War some were armed and used in combat alongside X-83 TwinTail starfighters, which were carried in the docking bay.[1]


"Younglings stowed. Systems online. We're good to go."
―Shado Vao[src]

Originally the shuttle was designed for the New Jedi Order and intended to transport students from Coruscant to Ossus and back.[1] At least one J-1 Shuttle was stationed at the Jedi Academy on Ossus in 130 ABY. It was used to evacuate younglings during the Massacre at Ossus and was piloted by Shado Vao. The shuttle, unarmed, was pursued by Predator-class fighters, forcing Cade Skywalker to take the TwinTail out of the docking bay and engage the pursuit ships. His vessel was destroyed—Cade himself survived—though the diversion was long enough to allow the shuttle to enter hyperspace.


Jedi shuttle

A Jedi Shuttle escaping Ossus


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