Droid information broker 8t88 had the head of a JMM droid.

JMM assassin droid was a model of droid.

The droid information broker 8t88 had his head replaced by that of a JMM droid as a prank. The head was cut off and eventually recovered by Kyle Katarn, who retrieved the coordinates of the Valley of the Jedi held in its memory banks.

Imperial Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa was given the arms of a JMM droid after he lost his own during an accident.

Behind the scenesEdit

The first mention of the droid referred to it as an "espionage model." This droid model was named after James McFadden, a.k.a. JMM at JMM's Star Wars Chronology.[source?]



Grand Moff Hissa had the arms of a JMM droid


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