"That's not regulation."
"I kinda like it."
JJR-579 and JTN-303 upon sighting a painted TIE fighter[src]

JTN-303[3] was a male stormtrooper who served the Galactic Empire in the Imperial Army. He was stationed on Lothal on Grand Moff Tarkin's Imperial Star Destroyer, five years prior to the Battle of Yavin.[1]


JTN-303 was aboard Tarkin's ship, the Sovereign, as they were transporting Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus to Mustafar for his final interrogation.[1] JTN was stationed at the TIE Fighter Depot. After a Rebel TIE fighter entered the hangar, he thought it looked good, before it set off a stunner, knocking JTN and his partner out. It was all part of a rescue mission based around Jarrus. When Jarrus and his allies returned to the hangar, JTN had left the area where he had been knocked out.



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