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J Street was a transit boulevard on Coruscant during the Clone Wars. It was the sight of the chase involving Ahsoka Tano, Cassie Cryar, and Jedi Master Tera Sinube. The street was similar to many streets of Coruscant, with packed speeder traffic running the levels. The street was located in the Upper East Side.

The chaseEdit

During a chase, Ahsoka Tano pursued the thief Cassie Cryar to this street. After running along the top of a structure, Cassie released a weighted-plate and used it to descend to the News Platforms below. As Cassie jumped from one platform to the next, Ahsoka jumped down from the platform to follow. Cassie then cut the repulsorlift supports causing the platforms to collapse. Ahsoka managed to keep up with all of the platforms until the final one when she jumped to late. As a result, J Street traffic was diverted all around the collapsing platforms while Ahsoka clung to the face of Chancellor Palpatine on a announcement holofeed, on a news platform. As a result, Cassie managed to gain higher ground. Meanwhile, Cassie's partner, Ione Marcy had almost been caught by Jedi Master Tera Sinube and Marcy was traveling in her airspeeder in order to escape the police. Cassie, who was scaling a pipe at the time, told her to meet her at the corner of J Street. Ahsoka soon arrived and used the Force to tilt the pipe to a horizontal angle. While Ahsoka tried to climb out to Cassie, Cassie repeatedly jumped on the pipe, again diverting traffic on J Street. Soon afterwards, before Ahsoka could apprehend her, Cassie jumped into the waiting Marcy's speeder and escaped to the train station.


When Ahsoka is chasing Cassie Cryar, numerous floating advertising boards they jump over feature Aurebesh writing. One such board reads "SODA;", another reads "STAR TOURS GLEE ANSELM CALL 1-800-555-6576 NOW!". The text under Palpatine reads "KUAT DRIVE YARDS AWARD" before being cut off.

Despite the fact that one of the floating ads Ahsoka jumps on involves Palpatine making a speech and that the speech is included in the quotes on the episode guide, neither the character nor Ian Abercrombie, the Supreme Chancellor's usual voice actor, appear in the credits.


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