"I bet it was incredible! Blasting away at all those stormtroopers! Pow! Pow! Line 'em up and take 'em down!"
―Jaahn Liddle talks excitedly about Luke Skywalker's past exploits[src]

Jaahn Liddle was a human male who joined the Rebel Alliance after they rescued him from Imperial imprisonment on Oreenda Fayeet. Not long after joining the Alliance, Liddle traveled to the planet Tibrin as part of a diplomatic mission with fellow Rebels Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa and Tadd Marteens. Liddle was extremely excited to meet Skywalker due to his exploits during the Battle of Yavin, and on Tibrin he and Marteens questioned Skywalker about his work with the Alliance, drawing the attention of a KX-series security droid. This led to an Imperial attack on the Rebels in which Liddle was injured and Skywalker captured.


Working with a heroEdit

"Liddle, set up our orbit pattern."
"You got it, Luke!"
―Luke Skywalker and Jahn Liddle pilot the Breha[src]

The human male[1] Jahn Liddle at some point became addicted to spice and was imprisoned by the Galactic Empire on Oreenda Fayeet. The Rebel Alliance then freed him from imprisonment, after which he quickly joined their cause. Not long after he joined the Alliance, Liddle had kicked his spice addiction[2] and was sent on an important mission to the planet Tibrin with the Jedi Padawan Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia Organa and the[1] Rebel pilot Tadd Marteens.[3]

Skywalker, M and Liddle piloted the starship Breha together in order to reach the planet, and as they approached Tibrin, Skywalker ordered Liddle to set up an orbit pattern. Despite the Imperial presence on Tibirin, the ship was cleared to land, causing Liddle and Marteens to theorize that the Empire was trying to recover from the Battle of Yavin, where Skywalker had destroyed the Imperial Death Star superweapon.[1]

Loose lips sink shipsEdit

"Ahh! They're everywhere!"
―Marteens and Liddle are caught by surprise by the Imperial attack[src]

Upon setting down on an ocean landing pad in Tibrin's capital city, the four Rebels disembarked together and while Organa greeted the Ishi Tib Mariod Govi, Liddle and Marteens questioned Skywalker about his past exploits in service of the Rebellion. The duo were overheard speaking about Rebel activity by an Imperial KX-series security droid, triggering an almost immediate attack on the Rebels by Imperial stormtroopers firing from a neighboring landing pad. During the fighting, Liddle was knocked to the floor and injured by the stormtroopers fire. On Organa's orders, Marteens then tried to throw a grenade at the Imperials, but was struck by a blaster bolt mid-throw and so dropped the explosive.[1]

The grenade the rolled toward Skywalker and exploded, knocking the Jedi unconscious and causing the platform that Organa, Marteens, Liddle and the Breha were stood on to sink into Tibrin's oceans. Organa managed to climb aboard the pad that the the Imperials had been standing on and witnessed them capture an unconscious Skywalker.[1] While Liddle and Marteens were recovering from their injuries, Organa managed to infiltrate the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Stormbringer were Skywalker was being held and rescue him, escaping with the aide of the Ishi Tiib after they chose to stand against the Empire. Liddle, with a bandage around his head and his right arm in a sling, was then present when Organa met again with Mariod Govi, who apologised for the fact that the Ishi Tiib had not intervened against the Imperials sooner.[4]

Personality and traitsEdit

Skywalker: "Neither of you has ever been in an actual fight, have you?"
Liddle: "Yeah…"
Marteens: "Sigh. No… never will at this rate."
―Skywalker, Liddle and Marteens discuss the latter two's combat experience[src]

Jaahn Liddle was extremely excited to work with Luke Skywalker and spoke to him about his various heroic exploits with the Alliance, even doing so in public where they could be overheard by Imperials. He had no combat experience prior to the mission to Tibrin, but pretended he did when Skywalker asked. Liddle had fair skin and brown eyes and hair.[1]


Liddle wore a Rebel uniform that included a dark brown jacket over a blue shirt with black, fingerless gloves, a black belt and black boots.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Jaahn Liddle first appeared in comic "The Trouble at Tibrin", which was written by Landry Q. Walker and published in Star Wars Adventures 4[1] on November 29, 2017. The comic identified the character only as Liddle,[1] but Walker provided the Rebel's first name and expanded on his backstory on Twitter, revealing that the character and his name were inspired by the late Star Wars fan film maker John Liddle.[2]


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