Jabba the Hutt: The Dynasty Trap was the third issue in the Jabba the Hutt series of one-shot comic books. It was released August 1, 1995.

Publisher's summaryEdit

Jabba has got a hot freighter on his hands and he's looking to unload it, quickly and discreetly. Enter Cabrool Nuum, a second-hand ship trader whose reputation for discretion is as long as his many years in the business. Unfortunately for Jabba, the years seem to have caught up with Cabrool, and his murderous offspring have taken advantage of the old man's dotage, just as they plan to take advantage of Jabba's impending arrival! In a seedy corner of the galaxy, on a planet of back-stabbing opportunists, Jabba the Hutt is about to land face first in The Dynasty Trap!

Plot summaryEdit

Jabba the Hutt
The Dynasty Trap
Following his meeting with Gaar
Suppoon, Jabba the Hutt and his men
attempted to overtake a Nuffin freighter,
only to find themselves in the massive
clutches of Princess Nampi of Orooturoo.
Through the loss of Jabba's second
in command, Jabba defeated Nampi, and once
again increased his power.

Although it may prove difficult to sell the
captured Nuffin freighter on the black market,
Jabba is only encouraged by the possibility of
even greater fortune.


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Behind the scenesEdit

In this story, Jabba claims he doesn't have any offspring, since this was written before the Clone Wars movie. In the film The Clone Wars Rotta is his son. Possible retcon explainations for this include that Rotta died or was disowned at some point during the intervening years. Or, the Hutt may have simply lied.


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