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Jace Forno was a Human female from Corellia who served as the pilot of Olag Greck's personal shuttle. She was thin, and wore an eyepatch over her right eye.


Jace was called upon to help Greck overtake the ship stolen by IG-88. The assassin droid used a nearby asteroid to shake the pursuit.

Afterward, she became the chief of security on Nar Shaddaa. There she destroyed Unit Zed and blasted off C-3PO's leg on Indobok, where she was attempting to steal the B'rknaa crystals. She aided the droid B-9D7 in his plan to topple Boonda the Hutt. Forno failed to realize that the droid was in fact Movo Brattakin, the man who had employed her and was believed dead. Eventually, she betrayed Brattakin, decapitating his droid body with a blaster bolt.

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