Point Nadir

Jackrab Hole on the Point Nadir's map.

Jackrab Hole was a depression located in the Point Nadir, on the comet Resh 9376. It was a large, cavernous opening in the comet's interior that continued in the tunnel more than two kilometers long. It was more than 500 meters in diameter at the widest point, but narrowed to less than 200 meters in other areas. All incoming starships passed through it, though the exact location was provided to ships from the external landing beacon, which was deactivated once the ship had passed through. This security measure allowed the exact location of the Jackrab Hole to stay hidden from unwanted visitors. Named after a species of long-eared mammals native to Tatooine, the Jackrab Hole was also equipped with shielding that allowed the atmosphere to stay inside it rather than being sucked into the vacuum of space.

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