"I am Jacynith, your guide. I often serve as a go-between for Cheib and Vhiin when there is need."

Jacynith was a female Twi'lek who lived at The Enclave, on Ryloth, in the years prior to and during the Clone Wars.


Jacynith grew up on the planet Ryloth and was the sister of the Jedi Master Vhiin Thorla. The two siblings were known to have been separated at a young age when Vhiin was selected for training as a Jedi youngling. The two were, however, reunited when Vhiin would later go into self-imposed exile on their home world, eventually establishing The Enclave. Vhiin asked Jacynith to accompany him at his new Mission, and she readily agreed. Jacynith was known to have been one of the few Enclave residents who was not a former slave. When she was not helping her brother, Jacynith worked at her job as a waitress at The Fungus Pit, a popular cantina in the local town of Bashka. When two Jedi from the Almas Academy arrived in Bashka looking for Master Thorla, Jacynith agreed to help them by taking them to him at The Enclave. Unknown to either of the Jedi or Jacynith, however, a group of slavers tracked the trio and launched an assault on the unsuspecting Enclave. Master Thorla, along with the Jedi agents and The Enclave's meager security force, managed to repel the slaver attack and protect the integrity of The Enclaves secret location.