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"I hate working with amateurs."

Jade, codename Watcher, was a female Mikoan with piercing green eyes, long black hair, and an athletic figure. Every move she made was confident and hinted at the competence and training she has undergone. Though she worked for the Rebellion at least once, considering herself a rebel but more as a mercenary. Once she had agreed to a contract, however, she followed it through to the end.


Jade was stationed on the planet Gellefon when Deep Ear received the Death Star II plans and was the only contact between them and the Rebel Alliance. As soon as she found out the details of the information she was carrying, she contacted the Alliance High Command, asking for immediate evacuation as the agents were in trouble and Imperial entanglements were inevitable. Unfortunately the message arrived garbled, and so the Alliance didn't know to expect trouble, so they only sent a small group of rebels.

The rebels met up with Jade in the Ravaging Wardog Cantina, where they were to order seven Green Galaxy drinks in order to make contact. To test the rebels fighting ability, Jade started a bar fight which the group were quick to put out. When she finally sat down with the group, Borsk Fey'lya pushed his way into the cantina and over to their table. He informed her that everything had gone wrong, and at least two dozen members of Deep Ear had been killed, the rest held prisoner in the Imperial detention center, Pinnacle Keep. Jade and the group of rebels agreed to help him free the captured Bothans.

While the group were scouting out Pinnacle Keep, they met up with several members of the Gellefon Freedom Fighters atop Gellbeasts and managed to convince them to escort them to Aran Starfire's hidden base. While there, Jade and Borsk arranged to create a distraction with the Freedom Fighters while the group of rebels freed the captured Bothans. Eventually the group managed to free them, and met up with Jade and Borsk again at their ship. Unfortunately, Governor Schennt was not willing to let the prisoners go that easily, and sent a system patrol craft after the group. Luckily they managed to escape, and delivered the members of Deep Ear to the Alliance High Command base in the Sullust system. What happened to Jade after this is unknown.